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SUMMARY: Mr. Posen is a young American fashion designer born in 1980. Posen is the son of artist Stephen Posen. His interest in fashion started from a young age when he would design dresses for toy dolls. Mr. Posen's big break came when he designed a dress for Naomi Cambell in 2000, and his dresses have also been worn by the Olsen twins. His apparel can be purchased from Neiman Marcus at The famous rapper, Sean Combs, signed an endorsement deal with Posen in 2004, bringing even more attention this young designer. Posen designs not only women's dresses, but also has a line of handbags and purses. If you are interested in the purses, you can find them at There are many different styles and looks to choose from. You can find both dresses and handbags if you check out Shop Bop at Links to search results for this brand are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Zac Posen


One nice thing about using your own unique-sounding name is that if people are looking for you using Google Blog Search, they only get results for you. When you're browsing this designer's results, you have to be impressed with just how good he is living. Getting honored by Russell Simmons, having Andre Leon Talley visit your shows, having Michelle Obama, Gyneth Paltrow, etc. as your buddies? That's one hell of a Rolodex (if anyone still uses a Rolodex nowadays). I guess that the one thing I don't understand yet is the collaboration with Spotify and the "Vampire Academy" publicity. Maybe music and movies are on the horizon. Should they be?


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