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SUMMARY: Victoria Bartlett, a former stylist, is the creator of this label, Visible Panty Line. In 2003, she started the line, which soon caught the attention of industry insiders such as Vogue magazine and young celebrities. Based on the idea of using underwear as outerwear, the fresh, fun designs encourage playful layering of the pieces. Recently, the Ecco Domani award-winning company has expanded to include accessories, shoes and handbags.

Celebrity clients include: Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani, Tilda Swinton and Juliette Lewis.

This apparel can be purchased at: Barneys New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, Catriona MacKechnie and Otte.

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It takes guts to name a company after visible panty lines, especially when it provides competitors an obvious tag line. In browsing the web, I found at least one other label make reference to it qualities in addition to "no visible panty lines". I guess it would almost make more sense to market their products as a business versus a cause, given the ease with which their brand can be attacked. It would make sense for them to not just advocate that their products are better than their competitors, but the visible panty lines are actually a good thing. That takes some bravery.


Given the how my Google Blog searches for undergarment companies tend to turn out, my assumption would have been that this label was undergoing some type of litigation. And, happy surprise, I was wrong. The most notable thing that I found was a link to some article regarding how to hide visible panty lines...for men. It's fair that the level of scrutiny should be equally applied to both genders. However, I think the terminology is incorrect. It should n't be "visible panty lines" since "panties" are not the conventional term for what the undergarments that guys wear. It should instead be "visible underwear lines" or "visible drawers lines", or maybe "visible jockey lines". To be fair, those terms would not have caught my attention like "visible panty lines".


Below is an additional choice for bargain shopping for VPL. Some of the choices on this pae mayappear extremely promising, while others may just happen to provide one more source of this brand. Please understand that this are recommended in conjunction with the previous recommendations and not meant to replace them.:

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