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SUMMARY: British designer V. Westwood began her career in the 1970's as a punk designer. Thirty plus years later, she still brings that punk influence to her couture and ready to wear designs. Her line features both men and woman's clothing and shoes, eyewear, bags, jewelry, and perfume. In 2008, a wedding dress that she designed was featured in the film, Sex and the City, exposing her to many moviegoers who previously did not know about her work.

Items from Westwood's collections can be found at Worlds End Shop in London, England and online at,, and This label can also be efficiently browsed at major shopping portals.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Vivienne Westwood

The most recent news for this label (as of late 2013), is her upcoming biography, which will be written by author Ian Kelly. Controversy is expected from some of the frank revelations that will come from her book. Most likely, increased revenue for her business will follow because, as they say, no publicity is bad publicity.


You know those ponytails that a lot of fashion models and celebrities are wearing nowadays? I bet you thought like I did that they just decided on their own to wear ponytails. Fraid not. It turns out that the ponytail is someone's signature look. In fact it's this designer's signature look, which she just debuted last month, February 2014, at the New York Fashion Week. Apparently, she also debuted a host of 70's style fashions as well. Wow, so her strategy is taking styles that have been around for decades and claiming them as your own? I find this to be very original!


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