Need Vic Matie footwear at a discount?

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SUMMARY: This is a designer label that specializes in shoes and bags. Based in Italy, this label focuses on upscale shoes and accessories, keeping on the cutting edge of European style. The label offers a nice selection of high heels, sandals, and boots, often times with a variety of bags to mix and match with their various footwear offerings. Items from this label can be found at a some non-domestic retailers, but for those who do not have the chance to shop in Europe regularly, the products from this label can also be found at major shopping portals and eBay.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Vic Matie

I would not have guess that the name on the label is an Italian name, but this is most certainly an Italian label. Not only is the designer, Silvia Curzi, from Italy, but from reading her website, it appears that she wants to honor Italy in her product line. This may seem a bit odd, since I think Italy is already well-established as a fashion capital of the universe, given the reputation of such labels as Gucci, Versace and Benetton, to name a few. What's also interesting about the website is that it has somewhat of a racy feel to it, despite the fact the model is fully-clothed. That may be because of the aggressively sexy style of footwear that model is wearing.


I don't know if this designer has an agreement with some of the bloggers, or if this is a case of sheer dumb luck or if everyone of this designer's shoes makes a lasting impression, but the placement of some of this designer's product is fantastic. You open up the pages for several blogs and you can't help but say "Damn, look at those wild shoes". And it's not like you have to be one of those "Sex and the City" types that has a shoe addiction to appreciate them.


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eBid Online Auctions