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SUMMARY: Fashion designs by this up-and-coming designer have a youthful blend of classic elements and earthy and bold colors. Her creations are reminiscent of 60's glam. Her line of luxury apparel has become famous worldwide for its feminine sophistication. She uses finely-crafted, bold details to update a classic style. Her blouses and dresses are made to be ultra feminine with ruffling, beads, and chiffon. There are a variety of vintage-inspired designs to create a youthful silhouette on the wearer. This designer's luxury apparel can be found at her boutique, as well as upscale department stores and independent couture boutiques.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Verrier

I was really hoping to provide a little more background, but I'm still trying to figure out what is going on with the brand's website. There is one website with this brand's name, that's no longer working. There also exists an additional website, that does not at first glance appear to be a clothing website. In fact, it seems to be selling art. If you search using the word "blouse", then some items come up, yet it leaves you wondering if it's from this label or if their search engine just happened to pull a blouse from some random place. Maybe the website is meant to be a game, with the idea that you're supposed to hunt down the product line and if you do, you win the right to buy them. Who knows?


Sometimes you unexpectedly learn a lot when you search Google Blogs. One of the things that I learned in searching for this designer. is how many other prominent people share the same name. Apparently this name is also a big name in adoption,financial services, the culinary arts and unfortunately, some poor guy who died after waiting eight hours for treatment in an emergency room. It was not until the bottom of the first page of results did I find mention of this designer. That post from 2005 mentions that Ashleigh Verrier was only 23 at the time, but you would think that almost nine years later, her web presence would have improved. Maybe she is going for snob appeal.


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eBid Online Auctions