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SUMMARY: This is a top manufacturer and designer of compression clothing with over one hundred various styles for men and women. Compression-style clothing includes liposuction and tummy tuck girdles, reduction, arms sleeves, bras for breast augmentation or reconstruction. Many items for extended wear are included in recovery compression kits. The clothing styles come in three different colors and sizes ranges from XS to X4 for most. With the combination of design, fabric and construction, this brand designs provide compression and comfort to make recovery from surgery much easier. Each piece is specifically designed with key features to wear after certain medical procedures.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Veronique

Their website is currently not up. But they instead of going to an empty page, they have a very courteous message advising that they are taking a vacation from the web and that visitors should visit their brick and mortar store. It seems like a very simple thing to do, but for some reason, it's very rare. It would seem like standard operating procedure to put up a nice message for website visitors, when your website is no longer functional. I was also able to learn from their website that their product line includes maternity wear.


How useful blog searching can be sometimes. It turns out that as of my writing this in March 2014, this brand's website is back up and running. It does however give off a weird impression. Some of these garments have a medical purpose, yet the impression from the website is that they believe in capturing your attention with their very fit models. The model wearing the body sculpting garment has an interesting pose. To be fair though, given these garments are used in conjunction in plastic surgery, these models may be meant to portray an optimistic vision of the outcome.


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