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SUMMARY: Mr. Yudashkin is Russia’s most famous fashion designer. His 2008/2009 Haute Couture collection included bright yellows and reds with hints of metallic. Bulbous dresses with multiple folds and sheer soft looking fabrics are also featured. He also creates accessories including sunglasses, collars, shoes, shirts and ties. Yudashkin’s collection of porcelain and its intricate designs scream nouveau riche, although there's always a market for that type of thing. His jeans are the next up and coming “it” jeans and the number of his boutiques are growing. When browsing his collection, it might make sense to go with something open-backed with multiple layering in front. Make sure you wear pointed toe stilettos and to finish off the look, add a beautiful cocktail ring.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Valentin Yudashkin

The designer himself is a good story. Whenever you have a chance, please look up his photo online. What hair!You have to admire and respect the confidence that goes into wearing that head of hair. Especially when you are designing new uniforms for the Russian military and you appear before Vladmir Putin to present them. You would like to think that using this designer represents a progressiveness not normally ascribed to Vladmir Putin, but since the new uniforms were a flop, who knows if that is still the case.


Sometimes it gets tedious updating this website. You run into patterns in blog search results and they tend to resemble each other much of the time. What you hope for is to run across a designer who's got something different and original about them, that captures your attention and makes the words easy to write. I think that Valentin Yudashkin comes through at least in one respect. Some of this designer's dresses are blue. Really blue. In fact, they can only be described as "super blue". I seriously doubt that the "Super Blue" dresses were meant as every day wear but rather as some sort of exercise. They do succeed in grabbing the attention. You don't see blue like that every day.


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