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SUMMARY:This brand, which makes the big, chunky boots, that you see the cute young things wearing, has an ironic beginning. It was a young Australian who introduced this brand to America among the surfing community. You certainly don't picture the boots on a surf board, but that's not all they make.

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Unless you are looking for the lowest price on a certain model, I would check out Bizrate/Shopzilla for Uggs discounts. It's got an outstanding selection of affordable Uggs footwear. Though many of the listings are from Amazon, Bizrate tends to organize all of Amazon deals a bit better than Amazon itself. eBay does have a good collection of this brand with some reputable power sellers involved however, you do have to sort through a lot to find actual footwear. You might also search a website called Walletpop.com for an interesting article on telling the difference between real and counterfeit Uggs.

Here's my question. Are Uggs popular anymore? I used to see Uggs every Winter, everywhere. It used to be Uggs in combination with a skintight pair of jeans on the hot young things. I think the skintight pair of jeans was to meant to show that the boots were clunky and the wearer was not.


Sometimes when I do research for this website, I came across factoids that make this fun. What I'm about to tell you I hope does not come across as mean, because it is not meant to be mean, but I couldn't help but created a mental picture when I read that Andre Leon Talley wears Uggs. Really. Uggs is a brand that I normally expect to be worn by tiny young women, while Mr. Tally is an extremely tall, robustly built older man. Being the fashion trailblazer that he is, you have to expect that he was not worried about ridicule, which is why it would be useless to ridiculed him here. My biggest curiosity is: Does it work? I mean, how do Uggs look on Mr. Talley?

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