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SUMMARY: This label started in 1911 as a glove manufacturer. Under the direction of the founder's grandson, Nicola, the company eventually moved into more accessories and high-end apparel. Their famous greyhound logo soon came to represent the brand's elegance, sophistication, innovation, quality materials and modernity.

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In the 1980s, the brand was expanded even further with jeans, eyewear, baby and junior lines, fine perfumes and items for the home. A casual line was introduced in 2005. Before he died in 1999, he did an awful lot to the increase the stature of the brand. He designed for an airline, a automobile manufacturer, a helicopter manufacturer and a telephone manufacturer. They outfitted athletes at the 1988 Olympics, in Seoul, Korea. He was behind an arena in Milan, now called Palasharp. He hosted concerts for Sammy Davis, Jr., Liza Minnelli, and Frank Sinatra. The unfortunate coincidence for this family is that he died in an accident with his Mercedes, while his son died four years later in a crash with his Ferrari.

Now the company is run by the family's fourth generation, Beatrice and Gaia, who maintain the standards and tradition of this brand.


The blog search results started out as your regular run-of-the mill search results and then it became a little more interesting. Then I started seeing greyhounds modeling clothes from this brand. Apparently, this was a favorite campaign by the founder's grandson and I guess it was brought back for nostalgia. I have to admit that the first photo of the greyhound in the blue shirt almost makes dogs in shirts not seem like a comical idea. In fact my favorite is the greyhound in sunshades sporting a leather jacket. Looks like a real player. I bet that I would not look as cool wearing the same.


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