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SUMMARY: In 2001, four friends founded a fashion label. John Whitledge, Josia Lamberto-Egan, Jeff Halmos, and Sam Shipley put together a small collection, three pairs of shorts and a polo shirt, in Whitledge's southern California dorm room. Retail giant, Barneys', noticed first and then selected one of their polo shirts and later the rest of the small collection. Each season features a backstory for the design and look of the collection. One story example, from the first season, is a California surfer boy being sent to an East Coast boarding school. Lamberto-Egan, Halmos and Shipley left the label in 2006, leaving an uncertain future. This label still has a sizeable presence on major shopping portals.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Trovata

Yeah, I think someone took the lazy route in making the website's homepage eye-catching. You put an attractive butt-naked women on a your homepage, it's probably going to get some attention. The odd think here is since they sell women's clothing, what type of attention are aiming for? Protests? Boycotts? What I find to be unquestionably clever about the homepage, though, is the filled-mailing list request. It already has an email typed in, but obviously not the one of the page's viewer. I think when you see someone else's email typed automatically on a website that you are looking at, you have an urge to correct it. I had to stop myself, actually.


This appears to be a very commonly used Italian word given that all of my search results came back in Italian and did not seem to be related to this label. What was also interesting was that the many of the results seem to be about accidental deaths, which I am not sure is what the designers would like you to think about in regards to this brand. The word "Trovata" itself means "found" which should seem innocent enough. The unfortunate issues is that the Italian media seems to have quite a few stores about people who have been found in a bad way.


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