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SUMMARY: Heni Neman's clothing label was formed in 2005 in Los Angeles. Ms. Neman has overcome major obstacles in becoming an a top designer. She fled From Iran to Los Angeles with her family and while dealing with financial difficulty brought on by a divorce, she formed her company. Her style has been described as sophisticated and elegant and many of her clothes are affordably priced. Her line ranges from moderate to $10,000.00 haute couture gowns. Her clothes are available at Heidi's Story in Corytown, Virginia and on

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Tribute

Hopefully she is doing ok, but as of this writing in 2013, her website is not working. The home page is still functional but absolutely none of the links work. What makes that even odder is that you cannot find any news of a downturn in this label's business and you can still find relevant websites that list current information regarding this label with no suggestion that there is a problem with this label. Normally, when you have questions about a brand, a Wikipedia entry is a good first start, however there exists no Wikipedia entry for this label or the founder. This is quite unusual and I will have to update this page when I'm able to find out more information.


Maybe it is related to the scenario described above or maybe it's the curse of the common word used as a brand name, but I can't seem to find any presence of this brand on Google Blog search results. What makes it more confusing is that there are quite a few other labels that are similarly named. This all makes sense if the brand is defunct, because its web presence seems to have been neglected.

12-31-2013: Perhaps you should make a resolution to check out the additional businesse below, in order to increase your chances of locating the best possible deal on an item from this label because its website definitely does not seem to work. Good luck with your attempts to locate this brand:

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