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SUMMARY: Ms. Maticevski is a fashion designer label that prides itself in unique style. Founded in 1999, the label has made a name for itself with its nuanced design flair, which has a strong focus on the overall silhouette and nontraditional clothing construction, all based on an emotive design process. By using classic design elements with a modern twist, this label appeals to those looking for upscale clothing with an unconventional feel. The main showroom is in New York City, and though the label focuses more on women's clothing, it recently added a selection of men's pants and jackets to its selection.

In reading up on this designer's history, I discovered that he was chosen to design costumes for the Philip Adams Dance Lab in 2009 and 2011, as well the Australian Ballet in 2009 and the National Ballet of Victoria in 2013. When you see his collections, you understand that it would be a natural fit for him to design for ballet companies since his dresses would only seem to fit ballerinas. To add emphasis to this point, I should mention that his American sizing chart only goes up to size 8. I would have to assume that his client demographic has been so fully researched that he would not have to worry about angering potential clients who do not have perfect physiques.


I think that I just ran across the most interesting name for a dress and it is from this designer. There was a blog where the author posted a photograph of herself in a flattering "Potion Racer" dress. Clearly, this combination of words denotes a concept that I heretofore have not been exposed to. What exactly is a "Potion Racer". I'm sure that my readers who are familiar with this concept are probably amazed at my ignorance, but I must confess that I'm genuinely curious about this.


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