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This label was founded by Thomas Jacob Hilfiger. Hilfiger was born and raised in New York. In 1992, his corporation went public and featured Hilfiger's signature collection of clothing for men. Eventually, the plan spread out to creating women's clothing, shoes, intimates, socks, cologne, and now homewares. Many people often refer to this name brand and simply "Tommy". There is a lot of imitation clothing claiming to be Tommy so make sure that you are purchasing authentic products. Start out at Bizrate/Shopzilla to compare prices for this brand from retailers such as, F.L.C. Crooks,Raffaello Network,Macys, and Amazon.

This somehow has been a controversial brand. Everyone has heard the rumors about this designer being racist which have long been disproved. The recent controversy involving this brand is not so much about the something bad done by the designer or the brand but about a stand that they have taken against animal cruelty. They have decided to support the banning of Angora wool products. If you google "angora wool", you're likely to see some rather unappetizing photos of what is supposed to be the process of creating Angora wool. I had always heard that Angora sweaters were supposed to sexy. I think the images destroy that for me.


Given the controversy associated with this label, there was no doubt that searching for them in Google's blog search function was going to be fruitful. At the top of the search results, there was an interesting, but probably not controversial story where this designer proclaims David Beckham as the best underwear model of the century. Really? It's somewhat amazing to me that in all of the world of sports including the NFL, NBA, Olympics, etc., no better physique could be found than David Beckham, a relatively slender man. But I guess I don't dictate the tastes of the day. Maybe the prevalence of super thin supermodels now has a male equivalent.


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