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SUMMARY: Owned and designed by T. Gendler, this designer fashion label is a selection of menswear designed for the modern man. Gendler founded the label after graduating from college in Texas, where he received a degree in business and fashion. Combining these two skills, Gendler was able to propel himself into the competitive fashion market, offering a striking collection of menswear with an emphasis on sporty casual wear. From 2004 through 2006, the label had some of its items featured in various runway shows, even during Fashion Week in New York. Since then, the label has since then become inactive, but its apparel still maintains a very minor presence on eBay.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Tomer Gendler

There seems to be some degree of mystery regarding the designer's current career. You seem his name listed on various entertainment websites, but when you browse those websites, you don't see any credits. It gives the impression of someone who did the basics in getting started in show business, but who was not able to follow it up with any work. It is somewhat frustrating because his presence and some indication of second career is all over the web, so you know that something happened, but it is so difficult to find out exactly what his body of work is. He does seem to have one work to his credit, which is a video called "Underwear". Once I'm able to view this, I will have to update this website with my review.


The mystery continues in my blog search for this designer. I think this designer's first name is unique enough that it would be easily distinguishable in Google blog search results, yet I see no sign of this label. I did find out about a number of other interesting people with the same name including a physicist, somebody whose big in the world of comic books, a financial expert, and a famous choreographer. I think this designer's name must mean "really, really smart".


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