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SUMMARY: Mr. Maier began his clothing line in 1997 and launched his online boutique in 1998. He not only manages his own line, but he is also the creative director for Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta.

His collection consists of classic, tailored clothes for men and women that are made from lush fabrics like silk and cashmere. Inspired by the life of the fashionable traveler, the casual, yet chic line of leisure wear and swimwear are ideal for vacationing. The collection also includes shoes, necklaces, and bags.

His label offers a complimentary personal shopping service that might be beneficial to some shoppers.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Tomas Maier

With a company with a name like Bottega Veneta, you might not expect someone with a name like this designer's name to be guiding force behind it. It turns out that this designer has led that label to its current prominence since he was hired in 2000. What's also interesting is the difference between Bottega Veneta's website and his namesake label's website. Bottega Veneta's website has many photos of many fantastic products and it is interactive. The namesake label's website is basic, like it was created from a template. It does not have many products or photographs and it is not interactive or technically exciting in any way. You have to wonder if this is the case because it is a young business or it is not meant to be an upstart to the larger label.


The results of this search were interesting in that they did not seem to be so much about the actual brand, but more about the designer. There almost seems to be some degree of cultlike hero worship for this guy from the fashion press. The most interesting of this was someone's discussion of how they did a close up of his hands at a fashion show and how they found that his hands were almost the same. I always assumed that both of your hands were supposed to be identical and I guess I don't quite understand what they are getting at. This reminds me of the commercial where is someone is thought to be the most interesting man in the world for reasons that are not quite clear.


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