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SUMMARY: The origin of this brand lies in the creative mind of Italian artist, Simone Legno. It is clear that the brand has been inspired by Japanese culture. Which is evident in the bright colors and cute cartoon characters, all very reminiscent of Takashi Murakami (the genius behind the Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom line or the Multicolore monogram collection.) This label has some celebrity in its own right, collaborating with power houses such as Le Sport Sac and Levi's. They even have the character, Hello Kitty, wearing clothes with its cartoons on it. They've left their mark on everything from stationary to headphones, phone covers to collectible toys sold at specialty boutiques such as KidRobot.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Tokidoki

Like Bottega Veneta, this is a label were the driving force behind it comes from a much different culture than the brand seems to represent. The website's reliance on anime characters and images of seemingly Japanese people seems to belie the website's Italian suffix for its address and its Los Angeles address. Nevertheless, the brand's cult following inspires hope even for culture-vulture fashion designers. However, I do have to wonder what would happen if a Japanese designer built a fashion label with a product line of Italian clothing and accessories. Would there have been the same cult following given similar execution?


I must admit that I love a cultural mishmah and that's what the blog search results for this designer present. If the Italian and Japanese influences were not electic enough, I found that this label had also tossed in Karl Lagerfeld into some of its apparel. If all this is too boring for you, then you might want to read about this label's collaboration with carseat maker, Foonf. I could get addicted to saying the name "Foonf" along with the name of this designer. And given the props that this label gets consumers looking to buy car seats, figurines, watches, etc., addictions seem to be quite beneficial for this brand.


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