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SUMMARY: For years, Mr. Lynn worked in the music industry behind the scenes. He built a fan base among some of the most famous rock musicians before finally launching his label to the public in 2006. His designs are tailored impeccably with an edgy, androgynous style. His main focus has been and continues to be menswear, but he added women's dresses to his line with his Fall 2008 collection.

Among his celebrity clients are Bono, PJ Harvey, Courtney Love, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Melissa George.

Mr. Lynn's pieces can be purchased at Barneys New York, Louis Boston, Holt Renfrew and Net-a-Porter.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Todd Lynn

If I were going to create some type of awards ceremony for coolest fashion websites, designer may win. When you go to this designer's website, what greets you is a background that is a video of presumably this designer's fashion being worn by strutting models on a runway. It is a smooth, sneaky way to have you watch his product line. Describing the website does not do it justice. What sells it is the coolness and confidence of the models wearing the clothing. This label also has a meager presence on eBay.


I find searching the blogs much of time to be useful, not just for this website, but for finding resources for my own personal use. I found this blog called "The Genteel" that looks interesting, sort of like an online Esquire in that it covers a wide variety of topics. There's an interview of this designer in that blog. In the interview, they ask him what type of woman becomes his customer and he replies that she's courageous and self-assured. After reading that, I noticed that one of the photos was of a runway model wearing what seemed to be a body length sheer veil. Maybe the courage and self-assured description could go without saying.


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