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eBay Bizrate/Shopzilla

SUMMARY:The Timberland fashion brand offers mens and womens shoes and boots, apparel, accessories and durable outdoor gear. The label's mission is to provide people with comfortable outerwear that is durable and rugged enough to handle major outdoor activities, such as hiking. The company also claims to be environmentally-friendly and they've been trying to reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, the label had recently began using recycled tire rubber to create some of their boots and shoe soles. They also participate in world events that raise global warming and environment awareness. This is another brand with such a ubiquitous online retail presence that it would seem sensible to shop for new items given the availability of affordable prices.I should also mention that as I am typing this in 2014, they are having a winter sale on their website. Bizrate/Shopzilla has a solid selection with a prices to rival a Timberland outlet. What's interesting also this brand is its association with hip hop culture. At times, it seemed mandatory that any new rap song make mention of the brand. At first glance, the website seems to represent a rather upscale, outdoor gear brand that would pretend that this never happened, but I must admit that they rather observant and appreciative of the cultures that have adopted their product line for social expression as opposed to outdoor gear. In fact, it is rather fascinating to read about the different social and ethnic groups that are devoted fans of this label.


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eBid Online Auctions

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