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SUMMARY: Bold prints and feminine touches are what defines this fashion designer label. Founded by designer Amy Smilovic, this label has earned a respected place in the fashion world, where the apparel stands out for its markedly vibrant flair that never overshadows its inherent femininity. This brand targets upscale clients with refined tastes, being carried in select stores such as Henri Bendel or Saks. The latest line from this label can be found at Fashion Week in New York each year. A number of well-known celebrities are also noted fans of the label, including Drew Barrymore and Liv Tyler.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Tibi

If you happen to come into money and are looking for clothing to wear when you want to become part of the new money set and plan to hang out in the society column, this may be your label. It is expensive, even the sale items, and makes understatement and art form. I hate to stereotype, but it makes perfect sense that the designer is from the old South, which can sometimes be all about that genteel and monied look. Granted, the clothing is attractive, with great use of colors and shapes. The designer's fashion sense, however, seems to be less about artistic expression and more about lifestyle adjustment.


When I think of the name of this brand, I don't at first associated it with apparel, I think instead of the excellent Hungarian chocolate that also goes by this name. I guess that makes me different because most of the Google blog search results on the first page reference the apparel with no mention of the chocolate. I did notice a rather uniquely named blog that discusses this label's Fall 2014 collection. The name of the blog is called I have to assume to be fair that the acronym means something different from what my initial guess would be. 1-08-14:

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