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SUMMARY: This clothing line is an ever-changing concept based on the best fabrics, an inspired design, along with fastidious construction and of course, a perfect fit. The collection first began with merely three sizes, three styles, and only twelve colors, yet it was a huge success. The collection includes women's and men's clothing, as well as maternity items created with exclusive knitwear, wovens and cashmere. The design of this label is very clean and minimal. This collection is available in it's own boutique on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood as well as a store in Tokyo 's exquisite Daikanyama district. You can also find this collection at Fred Segal Couture, Barneys New York, as well as many Bloomingdale's locations across the United States.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Three Dots Clothing

This is another one of those labels where the clothing while not unattractive, is extremely conservative. As mentioned before, this label is about construction and use of top-quality fabrics and less about making a statement. This is another label that you could consider to be lifestyle gear for the newly wealthy. While is there is obviously a place for reliably well-made clothing, you sometimes want to see an expression of someone's soul in what they have created.


I would have thought that this seemingly obscure name would have the brand owning the entire first page of Google Blog search results. This is not quite the case. While this brand does have a sizeable presence in the search results, apparently the name of this brand also functions as some sort of computer programming terminology. In terms of information that I was able to find out about the brand, there was nothing remarkable. It did seem that there are either similarly-named brands or that this brand uses different web domains to establish its web presence.


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