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SUMMARY: This brand has a number of different lines with diverse origins. It has a beauty & fragrance line which includes A*Men and Angel parfum. The fashion line, Mode & Patrimoine, which is currently closed, acquired Rosemary Rodriguez in 2008. That line's namesake is the Artistic Director for Men's and Women's fashions. There is also a partnership called Les Ateliers Parfums which offers fragrance workshops.

Mugler, the founder and whom the entire fashion empire is based around, was born in 1948, in Strasbourg, France. He originally studied ballet. In the interim, he produced fashion designs for his friends. Mugler is most known for wild PVC-incorporated haute couture designs including his motorcycle dress. The dress was featured in”Too Funky” the popular 1980’s video directed by Mugler for singer/ songwriter George Michael.

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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Thierry Mugler

Oh, the material that is available for this designer. Sometimes, it's a struggle to add colorful information about a designer because information is hard to find or that because the designer is private or non-controversial here. Do you remember the movie, Indecent Proposal? I'm probably dating myself by mentioning it, but it was the on where Robert Redford offers Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore one million dollars for a night with Demi Moore. She wears a little black dress to the date. Guess who designed it? The creativity doesn't end there. He also directs short films and Las Vegas shows like Zumanity. But it may be that he saves most of his creative expression for his own body. I'll let you Google him to find out more about that.


Have you checked out the videos from this guy? Yes, they are worth it? To be honest, I'm not really a hoidy toidy fashion show person. I run this website to impart information for shopping and I try to add interesting information, but I've never been a serious haute couture type. However, this guy knows how to direct a short video of models walking down a runway.

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