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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Tess Giberson

SUMMARY: Ms. Giberson, a graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design with a B.F.A. in Apparel Design, debuted her label in 2001. Her prairie-inspired and folksy designs include cap-sleeved dresses, pleated skirts, and silk-screened knit tops. Her husband, Jon Widman, hand-paints many of the tops. Giberson’s designs are a quiet presence in the noise of the fashion world. Her fashions are modest and have touches of quilting and applique. The free-flowing designs are feminine and comfortable. Ms. Giberson’s designs can be found at Seven in New York’s Lower East Side, Barneys, and Bergdorf Goodman. In addition, museums in New York and Tokyo have displayed her work.

I run across quite a few designers who make good-lucking apparel that seems to be designed to sell to most people. They don't take risks, they don't put clothing online that you might be intimidated to wear. This is not one of those designers. In browsing her website, it becomes obvious that the garments are high-quality and well-made, but you also have to wonder who know would have the guts (and the physique) to wear such unique creative designs.For example, a long flowing blazer and short shorts is not a combination you see every day. The creativity also extends to the design of the website. When you go to the homepage, the background is a video of a woman (who looks somewhat like the designer) either getting ready to play a guitar or posing with it. What catches me is that I keep waiting for her to start playing and it doesn't happen, but it keeps me on the website possibly longer, than I might normally stay. Clever.


This is another designer who is featuring non-apparel items in her newest collection. I don't claim to be cutting edge and I guess that I'm not in my misunderstanding of why you feature a manicurist and a makeup artist in your collection. Perhaps you can make sell the makeup along with your apparel, but a manicure?


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