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SUMMARY: Cuban-born Osmany Laffita is now fashion designer to the stars in the Czech Republic. He has not only created pieces worn by a former Miss World, his creations have even adorned the figure of a former Czech first lady.

His designs for women have spanned the genres of couture, ready-to-wear, jewelry, and casual wear, since he arrived on the sartorial scene in 1999. His stores in Prague have become well-known internationally.

Laffita's pieces are often saturated in bold hues, though he does employ black frequently, as well. He has often used boxy, brief shapes, and his creations are detail-heavy, in the form of ruffles, slits, and scalloped or banded hemlines.

I cannot find this label's website as of early 2014. I can find mentions of the label having become defunct. However, Mr. Laffita still maintains a website and if you are either interesting in cutting-edge couture or just plain bored and need to something new and different to keep your mind stimulated, his website is worth checking out. There's photos and bios of him and his very interesting goatee, as well as links to his couture, crystal, porcelain, eyewear, shoes, diamonds and furniture. If I were to describe how his designs look, I would say that he has a baroque sensibility, but I must admit that everything that his designs looks fantastic.


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