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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Svoboda

SUMMARY: This fashion designer label offers a comprehensive line or women's wear and accessories. The label carries everything from blouses to skirts to belts. All the styles are classic yet fashion forward, and the label caters to women of all ages and of all sizes, with an especially popular line of stylish, flattering, and comfortable clothes for plus size women. Overall, this label is especially known for its premiere denim products. With its home base in California, the label's headquarters is near the denim research center in Los Angeles, giving the the label instant access to the latest innovations in denim.

Normally, I like to provide my feedback on the designer's website, but as of January 2014, their website shop is under going renovations so there's not much to talk about. Their facebook page is still up and running and is worth a look. One post in particular caught my eye, though I don't know that it's specifically related to the label. It mentions the Rick Owen fashion which featured women of African descent performing a step show. A step show is traditionally put on my members of fraternities and sororities at historically black universities. Any one whose attended a step show could understand why it would create a splash at a French fashion, but as the articles comments also show, it could create lots of controversy. As Benetton proved, controversy is not necessarily a bad thing.

FROM BLOGS: Correction. Maybe controversy can be a bad thing. When the name of your brand is the same name as the political party that happens to be one of the nastier players in the current Ukraine-Russia tensions, having that associated with your brand could potentially be a negative. What I wrote above in above paragraph was before all of this happened. Really unfortunate timing. To be fair, this name also applies to a host of other individuals and organizations, however none of them seem to be associated with an event that's currently in the nightly news.


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