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SUMMARY: Angel Cabada launched his shoes and sportswear brand in 2005. The line is worn and endorsed by skaters. The trendy gear and shoes come in a wide variety of styles. Traditional neutrals are offered along with vibrant colors that make a fashion statement. High-top and low-top shoes are available for men and women. Some styles are even offered in hard to find sizes. Among the skateboarding community, this label is known for its style, comfort, and durability. Shoes range in price from the low fifties to over two hundred dollars. This line also offers hats, hoodies, jackets, socks, and t-shirts.

Do you want to know and interesting and quirky fact. The designer's name, Angel R. Cabada, also happens to be a name of municipality in Vera Cruz. The municipality happens to be named after an agrarian leader who I am pretty sure is not the same person who founded the clothing label, given that he lived from 1872 to 1921. I don't know if it's a coincidence that this designer has the same name or if he's trying to make some social statement that only people much hipper than I am would get.


It's probably no big surprise what I expected to find. Of course, I expected to find multiple mentions of those where were fans of the vehicle that Toyota used to make. I was able to find a mention that they plan to replace this model with a successor, which as a car fanatic, I do find interesting. However, from the photos, I must say that it looks mighty weird. There almost seems to be a dead heat between the number of mentions for the car and the number of the mentions for this footwear brand, with an honorable mention for a manufacturer of bike rims. Could you imagine attaching your bike with these rims to the back of the new car while wearing the shoes? 3-27-14:

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