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SUMMARY: Born in Essex, England, Ms. Stemp studied fashion in London and subsequently moved to New York in 1995. In September 2005, her own label was launched in New York and made the cover of Women’s Wear Daily. Her label includes long and short party dresses, tops and pants ensembles, which reflect a personal style combining elements of British and American design. Stemp’s dresses are feminine and tailored at the same time. Most of her designs are made with silks and cottons, in primarily neutral colors of cream, ivory, and rose. Her designs can be purchased at Honey in the Rough, or online at

It's interesting to be exposed to different approaches to fashion by the various designers that I write about, but I also can't resist reading their blogs to get their personal takes on life through their blogs. What becomes readily apparent when you are reading this designer's blog is how connected she is with the hip crowd. There are personal photos of Benicio Del Toro, Kanye West, etc., as well as photos of her with fashion celebrities. Wha't charming about the photos is that the designer's appearance and style do not come off as uber hip. She in fact seems to look like a giddy housewife who can't believe her luck. This may be a clever ploy to attract those who want to live her life vicariously through her website.


Serious partier alert! Writing this website is more of a challenge when the brand feels like some big soulless corporation thats all marketing and business and no risk. Not so with Sue Stemp. She makes no secret of her love for the good life. I read an interesting listing of her top party spots in the wild, almost none of which I have heard of. I assume she must consider Vegas to be too common for her. I also thought that her Glam interview was particularly interesting. Who would imagine Liz Claiborne talking about her love for gin and tonics and nice underwear?


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