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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Stuart Weitzman

SUMMARY: Known internationally for high-end shoes and bags, this label had its beginnings in the early 1950's when Weitzman began designing shoes for his father's shoe factory. After his father's death, Weitzman and his brother took over the business. Later, the company was sold but has since been bought back. The products are popular with celebrities and are sometimes made of unique materials such as wallpaper, gold and lucite. They are manufactured in Spain.

The line can be found world-wide at Weitzman stores and online site, and at most major shopping portals.

I guess that I have never seen baby shoes as flashy as the ones of this website. They had sequins, animal prints, sequins and animals prints, quasi Ugg-like baby boots from twenty-nine to fifty-four dollars. The shoes look very glamorous and well made....but is this not the stupidest thing you could do with your money? High-end baby shoes that might just last a few months? I guess not if you are part of this label's demographic, which would seem to be grown-up trust fund babies. I don't think anyone who understands how effective to manage money would be interested in spending so much for disposable items. Maybe the money should instead go to a college fund.


This is an iconic shoe label and as such, there is not much required for you to be able to spot them in search results. Plenty of celebrities wear this label and even have the shoes custom-made. It's easy to spot them by just going down the webpage and scanning search results. What I did see and did not expect was the announcement that Zaha Hadid is opening a boutique for this brand in Hong Kong. The store's design may be more interesting than the shoes. It's like what someone from the 1960's might thought would be a futuristic design. I find it cool.


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