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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Strenesse

SUMMARY: This is a German fashion house founded by Gerd and Gabriele Strehle in 1970. The Strehles create lines of fashions for both men and women, plus accessories and shoes. Their line of womenswear tends to be tailored using soft, feminine colors and prints that include daytime, nighttime, and professional wear for the working woman. Menswear includes both casual and business suits for the office. The company also produces accessories like handbags and wallets, and shoes.

This apparel can be purchased through their website and their boutiques located in Munchen City, Germany, and the following cities in Europe: Prague, Antwerp, Rome, and Amsterdam. Their fashions are also available through Claudia Sebire in London.

What do you think of when you think of the things that Germany is known for? Do you think precisely built automobiles or very good quality chocolate? Do you think of some of the best beer in the world? How about fashion? A lot of people would associate places like Milan or Paris with a fashion, but probably not Frankfurt. This label is an example of German fashion. When you browse the product line either on the label's website or the links here on this page, of course you might be tempted to compare the actual product with preconceived notions about how German style may compare with French or Italian fashion.

FROM THE BLOGS: Seems to not be good times for this label. As interesting as Saskia De Brauw, the model for their Spring 2014 campaign looks, it was the business news that showed up as the most compelling of the search results. It seems that a couple of months ago in February 2014, this company negotiated for longer time to pay its debts. I guess this is proof that a healthy web presence is not everything, which this brand seems to have, at least in the blog search results. Maybe it's time for a some sales events.


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