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SUMMARY: St. John (not to be confused with the Bible's St. John the Divine) is an American fashion company that specializes in luxury knitwear. They are well known for their women's labels, although they also design for men as well. St. John has recently undergone great misfortune. Since they were popular almost forty years ago, they have started to worry about looking old in the eyes of customers. This led to a disastrous campaign in which they tried to reinvent their image for younger people. Not only did younger people not accept their new fashion, the company also lost many of their old customers due the new image. The future is looking bleak for the fashion giant. As of this writing, this label still maintains a presence on major shopping portals and on eBay.

Another issue that might be consider unfortunate for this brand is that JC Penney has an in-house clothing brand with a very similar name. In fact, I at first assumed that this was the JC Penney brand. This is definitely not the JC Penney brand and it is quite a bit more upscale. This raises another issue for the brand. Would you want to pay more money for a clothing from a label that sounds almost like the name of an inexpensive department store brand?


Oh just change the name already. In fact, they would be following in the footsteps of the original founders, Marie Gray and her daughter Kelly, who sold their business in 2006. The new brand is called Grayse, which I would assume would not be too easily confused with hospitals, universities with strong basketball teams or divine religious figures. It's interesting however, that the first page of blog search results seems to do more to tell the Grays than it does to actually sell this brand's apparel. I guess I find the story of how this company was built to generate enough money to pay for a trip to Hawaii to be particularly compelling. Now that the founders have left, what is there now create a connection with potential consumers?


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