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Shopzilla - Stetson Hat outlet stores

SUMMARY:Everybody knows about Stetson as the cowboy hat brand but there's a few interesting things that I didn't know about the founder. I didn't know that he was from Orange, New Jersey. Mr. Cowboy hat maker is a Yankee! I also didn't know that Stetson University in Florida is named after him. My school used to play them in ladies' basketball. We used to HATE them!!!

This was somewhat easy to judge because of some of the websites were inefficient in providing search results. Although Stetson makes items like shirts also, I was expecting these websites to function as Stetson Hat outlets. Amazingly enough, it was difficult to narrow down the search on eBay and Amazon to just hats because it was difficult to exclude other items like memorabilia. All three websites were comparable in terms of selection and quality of deals but Bizrate/Shopzilla was so much easier to shop than the other two. I would recommend checking them if you do not find what you want on Bizrate/Shopzilla.

Yeah, I expected to cowboy hats at the website. It didn't disappointment either. Lots of ten gallon hats (which actually hold about three quarts). Enough cowboy hats to make the all-hat-no-cattle crowd quite excited. Personally, I really do not get into western wear. What I was happily surprised to find were that there were different types of hats available on their website as well. Nice non-cowboy straw and felt hats, fedoras, and even one model which vaguely resembled a Panama hat. What I would like to see is this brands answer to the Kangol caps.


I think many would agree that to some degree, this brand of hat is political. Wearing one of these can make a tacit statement to others about who you are and what you believe in. If you agree with that premise, then it becomes somewhat more interesting to find a story about how Dick Cheney now wears one of this brand's cowboy hats. Given the former VP's approach to foreign policy, many might say that this fashion statement is quite appropos.


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