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Need Spiewak items at a discount? This is the guide for some of the best alternatives, anywhere online. I've decided to list some websites that seem to consistently have the lowest prices. Below are the websites that I recommend.

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Shopzilla/Bizrate- Spiewak

SUMMARY:Given how this label is not a household name, I assumed it was one the new hip brands that hadn’t yet quite made it into mainstream retail. How surprised I was to find out that this label is more than a 100 years old and played an important role in clothing our nation’s military as well as police. Given such a history, you think that you would find more from this brand on eBay. I guess a lot of power sellers were as much in the dark as I was about this brand. Thus, there really is not enough of a selection there to recommend you. There’s a few power sellers who carry meager selections of this brand more as a part of a large selection of safety equipment. While Bizrate/Shopzilla carries a respectable collection, the nod goes to Amazon because as I type this in March 2009, they’ve got multiple listings at a fifty percent discount.

To sum it up, badasss peacoats. That what this company sells. That is also a weakness of mine. I'm not superficial, but I must admit that looking at their product line made me feel seriously materialistic. Maybe it's great photography. I found myself looking at products at then looking to add them to a shopping cart so that I could see the price and then I find...what? I can't buy them online? I have to search for a retailer of which there are not many? Good thing for my website then, wouldn't you say?


It's not their fault. Really, it's not. It is just a giant coincidence that they happened to have the same name of the love interest of a popular television star. But maybe that's not a bad thing. Maybe having this name float about in popular culture will serve to the brand more well known. Regardless, they still dominate the first page of blog search results for their keyword search.


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