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Need Spanx apparel at a discount? This is the guide for some of the best alternatives, anywhere online. I've decided to list some websites that seem to consistently have the lowest prices. Below are the websites that I recommend.

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SUMMARY:When it comes to undergarments, I'm hesitant to send people to eBay because it's difficult argue for the idea of "gently used" high quality undergarments. This is an exception. There is at least one established power seller who claims to be an authorized vendor of these undergarments and there is another that whose business also has charitable purposes. In terms of pricing, Amazon is heavily discounting this brand as I'm typing this in March 2009 such that their prices for brand new items are lower than some prices for "gently used" items on eBay.

I normally don't think of this as a dangerous business. All I do on this website is talk about clothing, footwear and accessories and where to get a good deal. Is that supposed to be bad for your health? Well now, in 2014, that is apparently the case. Doctors are warning that products from this label may compress your organs. Rashes, digestive issues and women's health issues are now being talked about as resulting from this using this brand. You never know if what you hear from the media is true, but this is obviously worth mentioning. So if you are a diehard about looking slim then here you go.


There's nothing like a brand whose existence is rife with controversy to make my job easier, and this brand fills that bill in spades. Oh, I think the most recent one is regarding Emma Watson's wardrobe malfunction and I think that one is relatively minor. I think that former CEO Laurie Ann Goldman's mysterious and recent departure is quite interesting, although not much seems to be available in the way of details. I think the major point of controversy is the concern over what wearing this brand does to your health. Written concerns seem to include incontinence, flatulence, acid reflux, esophagitis and scariest of all, blood clots. Since this is not a medical journal, I obviously won't provide any advice and I suspect that many of you know about these issues already.


There's a first time for everything. Maybe it is time to try some new shopping selections for better bargains on Spanx. If you agree, check out the selections below:

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