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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Sophia Kokosalaki

SUMMARY: Ms. Kokosalaki is an avant-garde British fashion designer of Greek ancestry who creates innovative clothes for the urban chic. She worked for the fashion house of Vionnet before starting her own business. In 2002, she received the Art Foundation Award for Fashion. She combines the classical Greek look with feminine accents in her fashions. Unusual garment lines combined with bows, lace and frills make her clothes appealing to the younger women especially. Ms. Kokosalaki also designs shoes, eyewear, and handbags for women.

Kokosalaki fashions can be purchased through Barney's New York. Online retail sources include Yoox, Designer Apparel, Shop Style, Bizrate/Shopzilla and Bleu Clothing.

The name is a mouthful, right? Well, maybe if you are not Greek and/or familiar with all things Greek. Does the name sound familiar? Well, maybe if you are a serious sports nut, because she was the official designer of the 2004 games in Athens. No, I didn't remember this designer either. Maybe sports events don't work quite as well for this designer as they do for Nike. I must admit though, that I like this designer's selection of athletic footwear more than I like Nike's.


Well, with this name you just knew that there was going to be no problem locating this label in the blog search results. And as expected, every single entry on this first page of results is about this designer. I think the cover photo of Penelope Cruz wearing this designer is particularly flattering and that is not necessarily always the case when a celebrity wears someones designs. I would have to say the same regarding the bridal gowns worn by the modesl in a 2014 blog post. The bridal gowns are quite original. Apparently, this designer has a strong reputation when it comes to wedding dresses.


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