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SUMMARY: Ms. Rykiel is a Paris-born fashion designer known as the "Queen of Knitwear". She started designing in 1962 when she couldn't find any maternity sweaters that suited her needs. In her four decades as a designer, she's made many innovations in the world of design, including putting seams on the outside of garments and incorporating words in her sweaters.

Her business has expanded to include fragrances and she has written many popular books on fashion. She describes herself as an author, artist, actress and gastrome. Ms. Rykiel's fashions are available at her namesake boutiques as well as upscale department stores and major shopping portals.

It is interesting to follow the designers who have been icons in the industry for decades like this one. She had the same status that she currently has in the fashion industry, well before most of the people reading this webpage wear born. Despite this, I think she has one of the most imaginative and cutting edge websites that I have seen in quite some time. The intro is just like watching the beginning of a James Bond movie. The rest of the website makes great use of the color red and highly interactive images. The actual apparel and accessories also seems to be youthful and hip. It seems that if a designer truly has creative talent, then that talent is transcends time.


Given how this designer has been a icon of Paris fashion for decades, I just assumed that the blog search results would be rich in colorful detail and I was correct. What I enjoyed the most was the hour by hour account of her typical day to provide a good vicarious thrill for wannabe fashion moguls. A mild shock was to be hear that she loves shopping. It's difficult to think of the purveyor of the product switch roles and become a consumer, but it's likely very shrewd on her part to put herself in place of the consumer. The rest of her day, the eating especially, would make a good guide for those who have just won the lottery and would like to live large.


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