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SUMMARY: Five years before this writing, a new fashion trend, the low-rise pants, emerged onto the consumer fashion scene. Unfortunately, this created a problem. There were no panties small enough to wear under the pants without showing off lacy material. A fan of the jeans style, Sarah Siegal-Magness made it her mission to eliminate the underwear blues and created a line of intimate apparel, and provide its current name. The reception to the line was fanatical. As the years passed, she’s added more to her collection. Today, there is a full line of clothing from loungewear to skirts and pants. She uses bright colors and cashmere, velour and soft cotton material. Over three hundred and sixty-five online retailers carry this line.

If you have a problem with people whose lives seem ridiculously good, then you will hate this designer. In addition to her ownership of this business, her father owns Celestial Seasonings, and her husband is an heir to TCI. All of this of course means that it's time for the reality show. If all that does not make you feel inferior enough, then check out women who model the clothing on her website. These "style ambassadors" are all meant to represent real people who her brand. I don't think any of them have any cellulite on them. They all have perfect physiques like most real people, right?


One of the great things about the internet is that it is such a good reminder of how little you know. The blog search for this brand does in fact have results relating to this brand, but the name "solow" seems to be popular with a lot of other entities for reasons of which I am unaware. This seems to also be the name of an arts festival, a novelist, an expert on the Irish economy (recently deceased), and a real estate mogul. I'll go out on a limb, but I don't see the mogul wearing this apparel.


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