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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Sneaktip

SUMMARY: This Brooklyn-based label has a very specific audience, which is those who are obsessed with sneakers. Whether it's day-glo, throwbacks, or just a really rare pair of kicks, this brand's credo is that one's clothing and accessories are as original as their shoes. The company creates t-shirts, hats, shorts and even laptop skins, all emphasizing a love of sneaker culture. In addition to just making the clothes, this label is also involved in collaborating with other local NYC brands to create a world of art and fashion for the hip-hop community. One of the most popular graphic tees sold through the label sums up it's familiar-sounding philosophy, "I got 99 problems, but my kicks ain't one."

Feelin Gangsta? Like talking about swag and wearing pictures of guns? I think this is the merchant for you. If it's time to look tough and scary then these guys have what you need. If it's time for the job interview, loan application or any other trip to the bank, then you should probably consider a different wardrobe. I think when it comes to shopping for shirts with guns on them, the challenge here is to decide whether you want the image of a pistol or rifle on your tee and whether that weapon is a revolver or semi-automatic.

FROM THE BLOGS: I was expecting the blog search to turn up search results that were much more interesting than what the results actually were. I was expecting some street lore, but what I actually got was raw, unadulterated, aggressive commercialism. Each blog was basically about product placement interspersed with some additional product news regarding celebrity endorsements. The most interesting thing about this was that Pharrell was mentioned as being associated with this brand, but I always thought that Pharrell had his own brand, ICECREAM.


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