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Need Skechers outlet stores alternatives? This is the guide for some of the best alternatives, anywhere online. I've decided to list some websites that seem to consistently have the lowest prices. Below are the websites that I recommend.

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Shopzilla - Skechers outlet stores

SUMMARY:Sometimes it's hard to get a feel for what niche the Skechers brand occupies, because sometimes the brand seems extremely hip and fashionable, and yet at other times because of its massive distribution (more than thirty global distributors, in over 100 countries), this brand can seem common and almost cheap. Given its affilation with other brands and that the company has its own Skechers stores, it's also confusing as to whether this company should be identified as a manufacturer or a retailer.

For alternatives to Skechers outlets, there is an eBay shoe seller online who has an incredible selection of discounted shoes of most brands. Because of that, I will recommend eBay again in this case. Bizrate/Shopzilla had the lowest absolute prices but they had a smaller low price selection than what was available on eBay. Check Amazon if you can find what you were looking for at the other two websites.

Oh, do you like controversy? Do you? Although there hasn't been anything in the news recently, this brand has definitely made its mark for being controversial. I should say up front that I am going to leave quite a few good examples off this page. I think the biggest example of envelope-stretching, would of course be Jenny McCarthy wearing the brand on the toilet. It would be interesting to know what creative inspiration came up for sitting Ms. McCarthy on the toilet as a shoe selling strategy.

FROM THE BLOGS: Given the above, I thought that the blog results would be a continuation of wild, decorum-wrecking, envelope-stretching recklessness that makes this brand anything but boring. What did I get? I got boring. I saw a blog article with a promising title that includes words and phrases like "cutting edge" and "wild ride". So naturally, I clicked on that first. The shoes that I saw were not cutting edge and would only be a wild ride if you slip on a banana peel. The model wearing did not seem to fit these adjectives either. I would have guessed her as a future debutante with an earnest, girl-next door smile. Not Jenny McCarthy. The rest of the listings seem to be either product placement or financial articles about what a great investment the company is. Maybe they're becoming more corporate.


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