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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Sistahs Harlem

SUMMARY: This is a smaller fashion design company operating out of New York City and run by partners Carmen Webber and Carmia Marshall. They specialize in spring and fall collections. It has been noted that their designs often reflect the style of urban America. This label is also notable for the affordable prices. The company has recently received a lot of media attention for a recent t-shirt makeover project. This company also designs hairstyles as well. This label's online retail presence is limited so it may be worth hooking up with a reputable eBay store owner who will hunt down apparel from this label for you.

I just finished reading the company's mission statement on their website. It probably is the best demonstration of melding a mention of your brand's status among celebrities and promoting a social cause that I have ever seen. There are mentions of the brand's participation in President Clinton's Urban Initiative as well as a list of African-American celebrities who where the brand. The brand's stated mission seems to be to "inform and unite people". The unstated purpose however is to make money. Even so, I am highly sympathetic to the causes that this brand promotes and I don't feel cynical about the brand. Maybe that's an intended impression. Additionally, the apparel has a colorful, playful look that flatters the models without seeming to objectify them.

FROM THE BLOGS: This was an interesting blog search in no small way. I thought that this brand's name would be unique enough to not generate any other types of results, but I was could not have been more mistaken. I think the first thing that jumped out at me and grabbed my attention was the Harlem who warns black women against white homosexual men taking their men. Wow. Sounds like the man is preaching cray cray. Other than that, I did read about a lot of current events that really want to make me visit Harlem. Besides that, there was a couple of mentions of this brand. Maybe the name is not so unique.


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