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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Single Dress

SUMMARY: This label aims to create fashions that encourage women to be creative and daring. In their efforts to cater to women who wish to stand out from the crowd, this label borrows inspiration from around the globe, mixing and matching eclectically, which results in giving their clothing a distinctive flair. This label features the work of prominent designer Galina Sobolev. This apparel can be found on major shopping portals, but in greater quantities on eBay.

Ah, reality tv, what a kingmaker, huh? The link for meeting Galina is in bright red and when you click on it, it highlights her appearance on a reality tv show. The rest of her website shows that she's accomplished a lot that's unrelated to her TV appearance, but I guess the arbiter of legitimacy is the far-reaching media. The actual fashions themselves? Some of them looked nice and others I didn't like. To be fair, that's probably my reaction to some extent to all websites. I wonder if knowing that a designer attributes much of their prominence to a reality show appearance may predispose me towards assuming that they didn't properly earn their way and thus don't deserve respect. Maybe by consciously acknowledging my possible prejudice, I can sharpen my objectivity in judging designers.

FROM THE BLOGS: I don't want to sound like a broken record, but for those of you who have read other pages on this website, what's coming is obvious. The name sounds so generic, that it was the obvious right move for this brand to obtain its top placement. There is the obvious risk that anybody writing about dresses will turn up in the search results, but the additional risk that what they write could be misconstrued as making this brand look bad.


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