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SUMMARY: Ms. Olsen was an American fashion designer who studied as a print designer before turning to fashion in 1983. Her fashions reflected the decorative arts that she learned while attending the Montserrat College of Art in the 1970's. Ms. Olsen used handprinted fabric to create her artistic designs on and soon became popular with women who appreciated unique textile prints. Casual day wear became the main style of fashion in her ready-to-wear seasonal collections. Accessories and handbags were also part of her fashion collection.

Even though Ms. Olsen's fashion career with Liz Claiborne ended in 2008, vintage fashion clothing stores are likely to carry her older creations and they can still be found at major shopping portals.

Have you seen her new website recently? It's all about art with some very nice pieces as well. She's got cards, ceramics, and some very cool but very expensive pieces of hanging artwork called "aquaboxes". An oh, she also has some apparel that she's selling as well. That's right, she's back in the apparel business. She has some very nice blouses, tunics, tees, knit tops, shawls, and etc. I guess the Liz Claiborne lawyers didn't make her sign a noncompete agreement. Not very impressive. Perhaps the most interesting of what she has to offer are the creative retreats which range in price from fifty dollars to very seriously expensive.


Given her story, this designer has become fairly well known not just the apparel that she used to create, but for being royally screwed over by Liz Claiborne. Such a Wall Street soap opera is hard to compete with, so she naturally dominates the search engine results for this search. Where this is useful, is that if you are someone that suffers from non-flattering PR, then it's possible to use the web to tell your story and restore your reputation. What I've read gives you the impression that Liz Claiborne is some type of villain.


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