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SUMMARY: This is a shoe label that was started in 1991 by fashion designers Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison who met at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. The shoes that these two women design are made from premium leathers and fabrics.

The label has shoes that target all customers from those who need dress shoes to shoes that can be worn at work. Some of their best shoes include the following models: SM9438, Sm9349, and Sm9343aa. These can be purchased at,, Racked LA, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc..

Update- (2014). I should probably mention that the original designers are no longer with the label. In a spectacular tale of Garment District/Wall Street skulduggery, the duo was bought out by Marc Fisher of Marc Fisher footwear, with whom they later fell out of favor, was fired by and sued. And supposedly also sexually harassed. You've got to read the New York Times article, it's better than quite a few movies. Once you read the story, it becomes readily apparent how much it matters how good your lawyers are if you are doing high stakes in NYC. Given how this duo was apparently screwed over, it would appear that you would not want their lawyers. It appears though, that they have lined up gigs, continue their work at Anthropologie under the Pied Juste label.

FROM THE BLOGS: So given the juiciness of this label's history, wouldn't you expect to find mentions of the story all over the blog search results? Guess what? It's barely there. It's mostly product placement and fashion show reviews. I think that the first result that plainly mentions the expulsion of the founders is at the bottom of the first page of results and when I clicked on it, I saw no text. Could this be deliberate? I think so. Perhaps the current owners would like to find a way to make the story disappear to not call attention to their ruthlessness.


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