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SUMMARY: Twenty8Twelve is the fashion collection designed by actress Sienna Miller and her sister, fashion designer Savannah Miller. The line was launched in 2007 after a successful collection by Sienna Miller with Pepe Jeans. Twenty8Twelve comes from Sienna Miller's birthday, December 28th. Most of the four current collections were inspired by films depicting various time periods. Each season the sisters collaborate with one up and coming designer. Clothing and accessories from the line are available in stores and from websites in over thirty countries. A complete list of locations can be found on the Stockists page of

No maternity clothing? You would think with the recent, highly publicized portrait of Ms. Miller's very pregnant form, that would provide an entrance into the maternity wear market. I must admit that it shows admirable bravery, given how image-conscious her industry is. What also shows bravery (and maybe some gall to some people) is the banner that appears at the very top of the website which says something to the effect of "Now shipping to the UK and EU only". No USA? Perhaps she had such a rough time filming in "Shitsburgh" that there are some hard feelings.

SUMMARY: Did you ever get the feeling that everybody is in on something that you're not? That's the feeling I got when searching for twentyeighttwelve. Oh, I just assumed that this name was unique enough that all that there was to discuss were the various results that were all related to this brand. I, however, was wrong. Apparently this term has meaning to quite a few other people and organizations for reasons unrelated to this brand. To be fair, this brand has enough of a presence in the results for me to learn that the founding sisters, Sienna and Savannah, are no longer involved in the day to day operations.


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