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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Shoes for Lovely People

SUMMARY: This label was created by Patty Kerrigan. The style of the footwear can be best described as intended to show a vintage twist to a modern look. The shoes include most ladies styles sandals, pumps, flats, and boots. Patty Kerrigan launched her company in the fall of 2007. This label has a strong offline presence with retail distribution in over forty of fifty states. This label has a strong presence in most major shopping portals and a small but interesting presence on eBay with a young but seemingly fanatical eBay store owner.

Update (2014). Okay there does not seem to be a current website for this brand. The website is just a background. There maybe is a Facebook page for this brand, but the last post for on that page is in 2012. It was run by someone who refers to new products from the label as "our" (fill in the blank). So did it go under? There's not much on Google news regarding this brand either. What is also odd is that Patty Kerrigan's Linkedin profile mentions that she's still the CEO, but there is no link to any website. Stay tuned and maybe check the links on this page for this brand.


Okay, here in April 2014 is not much more clarification. It seems now that the first two words of the brand's name, "shoes for" are no longer being used. There are still quite a few websites that sell the brand, but there is not much of an update available regarding the status of its founder, Patty Kerrigan, though an awful lot of homage is paid to her as the founder of the company. Everything appears to be okay, but yet the website still seems to be dormat.


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