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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Seventh Letter

SUMMARY: Within six years, this label has evolved as an apparel brand and international collection of graffiti, and tattoo displays. Great artists like Mister Cartoon, Revok, Retna, Barry McGee, Grime, Shepard Fairey, Eric Haze, George "Ewok" Thompson, Chaz Bojorquez, Slick, Pusher, Michael Delahaut, Kenton Parker, Jason Kundell, Reyes, Wanto, AmandaLynn, Sect and several others have each contributed artwork to this line. As you can guess, this means there are tons of variety and different styles to choose from. This label puts a lot of effort towards maintaining its presence in the apparel industry, while showcasing the works of their talented artists.

Oh, I think these guys when the all-time award for very mysterious but cool feature on their website. When you go to the home page and look up at the options, one of the links is labeled "about". Click on that link. Then it asks what the name of the brand means and the answer is "the truth...." Isn't that cool? I have no idea what it means, but it sounds very hip and mysterious. What's also very clever about that is that it makes me want to browse and watch their film gallery so that I can get some idea what they consider the truth to be. and for no reason i n particular, I also want to go to their art gallery.

FROM THE BLOGS: What's cool and groovy about this brand is that not only is it the name of an apparel label, but it's also an art gallery. In my researching for this website, I've found that many apparel designers see their work as a form of creative expression which would naturally lend itself to the creation of artwork. The practical benefit of this combination is that when you see the name of this brand mentioned for art and apparel, then it becomes more than a brand and almost seems to approximate some time of theme for the designer/artist.


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