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SUMMARY: Mr. Rossi is an Italian shoes designer whose collection is typical of the types of fashion-forward designs you'd find in Italy. The peep-toe sling back shoe is a classic example of a shoe everyone would envy as it will pair up perfectly with any dress. The shoe collection features platform shoes, pumps, flats, sandals, peep-toes, booties, and even high fashion sneakers. The prices on this shoe collection are usually anywhere between $260-$1800, but a high price is expected with shoes of such high fashion. This brand is available at most major shopping portals.

There are enough designers out there who can push the edge with women's shoes that at this point it's difficult to be shocked or impressed. Anyone who has seen a Lady Gaga video isn't really going to turn their head on some designers fancy experiment. That's why I enjoy checking out the men's shoes. Men's shoes tend to be boring. I think a designer who can create a noticeable stylish pair of men's shoes has demonstrated real creativity. I think that's the case here. I browsed the designer's website and I really like the Oxford and the August. The August loafer looks like a sports car. I like it in turquoise, but it's hard to imagine being comfortable wearing something that loud.


When I think of this designer's name, fancy shoes don't come to mind. I think of spaghetti westerns, racing cars and wine. This is likely because his first name is the same first name as at least a couple of famous spaghetti western directors and the last name is half of the name of wine label that also sponsors racing cars. I guess it tells you how I grew up, because all of these things connote 1970's machismo. Much different from designing for Lady Gaga. This label is all over the blog search results as the purveyor of fancy, feminine shoes and described thusly. Can you imagine racing cars being described as "poetic surrealism"?


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