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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Sebastian Pons

SUMMARY: Mr. Pons began his fashion design label in the spring of 2004. This line is compiled of ready-to-wear apparel. He adds a feeling of casual fun to every label. This line is primarily American style clothing that can be worn on many occasions where projecting a flair for excitement is the main intent. Many of Mr. Pons' designs are made of cool, airy cotton that are perfect for late spring and summer outings. With a touch of casual, carefree, and unihibited influencing the designs, this label projects originality.

Yeah, I know. Sometimes my commentary is quite informative and relevant and sometimes my commentary seems whimsical. I guess it depends upon what is most striking about the designer's label, website, etc.. What I noticed about this designer is not unique to this designer, but maybe it's more pronounced with this designer than it is with others. Many of the pages on this website feature fashions and models that are not just cutting-edge, but seeming almost artistic in nature. When you come to this designer's on personal photo, it's a very unpretentious shot of this designer, a young man with shaggy looking hair, in a black tee shirt. Looks almost like someone you would meet in a sports bar. How incongruous. Happens a lot with these designers. I wonder why.


This designer has a good idea that I'm surprised has not caught on with a lot of other brands. He's got an actual blog on Blogger where he provides an awful lot of biographical information. What a great way to introduce yourself, keep your customers current and at the same time, stay relatable. You tend not to think of the designers who rub shoulders with Lady Gaga, Beyonce etc., as having Blogger accounts. You tend to think of neighbors and people that you could actually know as having Blogger accounts. I think it's a great way of providing the impression that this is someone that you root for and maybe that's just the extra edge that makes a difference between whether you purchase his label or from someone else.


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