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SUMMARY: For a Sean John deals, I tend to prefer Bizrate/Shopzilla. They have a strong selection and healthy discounts and as you will see me say repeatedly over this website, they tend to arrange Amazon search results better than what you will find at Amazon. I must say that I was surprised not to see more retailers on eBay with a healthy selection of this brand, given how well-known it is. It's about to get even better-known because as I'm writing this in Summer 2009, this label is about to expand to Europe. If Diddy happens to be reading this, hopefully this will make up for President Obama's rejection of his inaugural tuxedo designs.

FROM THE BLOGS: You just knew I would find some relevant information. The first name I noticed was that the name of the label is now the name of an upcoming new rapper. Imagine, a rapper named himself after the clothing of another rapper. Hmmm, what does that do for street cred? I thought that was an interesting tidbit. The major news is regarding the Spring 2014 line. The theme of this line is "Dream Big". I like the theme. It's nice to see hiphop move away from the gangsta phase and the "fabulous" phase to what seems to be an inspirational phase. The only potential problem with the motto is that it seems to veer pretty close to another famous motto, "Just Do it". The celebrities signed by this brand from the creative arts, such as acting, rapping and singing. Perhaps this will delineate this brand's message from Nike's. However, this comparison may still hurt Sean Comb's label because while Nike's products are something that you may actually need to "Just Do It", do you need Sean Comb's apparel to "Dream Big?" It seems to be the prospect of you buying his apparel would give Sean Combs reason to "Dream Big".


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