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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Sean Collection

SUMMARY: This designer’s website presents four sub-labels: the namesake main label, Sean Express, Sean Couture and Sean Couture Mothers. While the former three feature gowns with intricate beadwork appropriate for proms and pageants, Sean Couture Mothers offers a fashionable, mature alternative for a range of after-five events. The website does not have a purchase function, but has a store locator organized by state; the line can be found in a range of stores from smaller boutiques to larger chains like Nordstroms. For online shoppers, the label is also featured on several e-retail sites like ShopStyle.

FROM THE BLOGS: I assume that this label really trusts in its demographic reach. I say this because I can't help but notice that the name of this brand is quite similar to the name of a brand created a rapper/impresario that is quite popular. The obvious concern is that two similarly name apparel brands might be confused and that the more widely known brand might snatch sales from the lesser-known brand. I think what this brand is probably hoping is that they are well enough recognized for their specialty, prom gowns, and that they would be more readily recognized within their very, very Caucasian client base. I think where this may also be able to differentiate itself is that they create bridal gowns. As far as I know, Sean Comb's company does not yet create bridal gowns. Whatever this brand is doing, it does not seem to be hurting in visibility. When you click the link for "In The Press", you see nearly a full page of this brand feature on covers of magazines such as "Prom", "Justine", "Your Prom", "Seventeen", etc.. Just about all of the models on the covers were Caucasian. There seems to be nothing remotely urban about any of these periodicals. My guess is that none of this is an accident, however this company would be mistaken if they were to assume that none of their targeted demographic listen to hiphop or are aware of Sean Combs.


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