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Bizrate/Shopzilla - Sea

SUMMARY: This a New York-based designer fashion label that features styles often seen on celebrities and super models. The line's spring/summer 2009 collection is an array of flower petals, poppy prints, flowery designs, and frills. The collection also features shorts with matching vests and sexy pleated school-girl skirt combinations. Designer Sean Monahan's stated goal is to "make women smile". His collection also features some creatively-designed front-zipped romper suits for this line. The styles of this label are distinctly feminine, but also edgy and unique.

FROM THE BLOGS: Oh, I didn't waste much time just searching for only this keyword by itself. It's so common and generic that it might as well be the word "the". However, adding the word "apparel" didn't change much of anything. Not one listing that mentions this brand. When that happens, I have to go confirm that the website is still up, because the brand appears to be just way too clueless about its online presence. I find out by searching Sean Monahan's name that they are still around. It's not enough to search the name of this label, even with the word "apparel" next to it. You have to search the name of company with the abbreviation "NY" next to it. I assume if you did not know this, then surely you must be too plebeian to even have the right to shop at their store. Even when searching with the correct keyword phrase, you only see this brand mentioned once on the first page of the search results. I did find an article about this couple. Apparently, they super-hip and run a bare-bones operation. Maybe they didn't have room in the budget for an SEO guy, but you would think that business people would see and SEO guy more as an investment, rather than an expense. It makes for a cool interview to stress how much of the operation that you as designer handle, but I'm sure that bottom line will eventually win out over cool.


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