Are you looking for lower prices for Saucony products than the Saucony outlet store?

Need Saucony outlet store alternatives? This is the guide for the best alternative to I've done some sample price comparisons of several products available at and I have found that there is a website that consistently list the same items at least 50% cheaper. I've decided to list the website that seem to consistently have the lowest prices that rival what you would find at an outlet store. Below are the websites that I recommend.

eBid Online Auctions


SUMMARY: This brand was named after the creek that ran in the town where it was founded in 1898 by four businessmen. They first produced children’s shoes, but soon expanded into a variety of shoes. Today, they're known for their history of innovation through technology. This label produced the boots used by American astronauts in 1963 and the first technically developed walking shoe in 1987.

As an innovator in athletic shoe design, and having developed midsole technology to an art form for greater cushioning and stability support, Saucony is an established and leading edge athletic shoe company with products designed to improve performance. This is in keeping with the rest of the search results in that they seem to be blandly commercial with much product placement. Since I haven't found much positive to say at this point, I'll leave you to your shopping.

FROM THE BLOGS: If you have been to my Zuhair Murad page, you've read my mention of some really bad, really hostile customer service we received at an outlet store. Guess which brand that outlet store was selling? Yes, unfortunately it was this brand. I know there are people who like this brand and their experiences are separate from mine, which is why I feel comfortable sharing shopping information about them, but truth be told, I don't really have the warm and fuzzies for them given how they treated us and then just brushed it off. Maybe they have gotten their crap together since we visited that store.

Given that, this blog search was pretty interesting because one of the first results was their official blog. Sometimes you want to see how the public face and the one version of the company that you experience personally, match up. Well, it didn't turn out to be enlightening. I only saw some self-help tips for runners and with some inspiration, Nike-lite style.

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